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Great to ship out more mobility kits for our Pride Mobility Scooter customers this week. Get great deals this week with our Black Friday Sale as well!


"Both batteries seem to be working great you sent :) Always tell others about your batteries they have worked very well for our Ebikes :)"

-Kaelen D.

Always happy to hear our Lithium NMC Batteries are performing great for our customer's ebikes.

We look forward to providing more great high quality lithium batteries to replace your old lithium battery.


Glad to ship out some of our mobility kits to customers in Wisconsin.


Happy to help our logistics customers with their battery needs in California and throughout their nation-wide networks.


Glad to provide custom adapters to our customers in CT, USA.


Great to continue supply RV backup batteries to our customers in KY, USA.

It was great to exhibit and meet many of you at the AEMS Tradeshow. Look forward to connecting with our customers and industry partners at more tradeshows.



Proud to continue supplying our lithium batteries to James Madison University, VA.

Aegis Battery is glad to partner with some of the best universities in the US!


Glad to be able to ship out our lithium batteries to our customers in Hawaii this week.

For shipments outside the contiguous 48 US states and international orders, please contact us to confirm we can ship to your address.


Happy to continue ship out some of our custom lithium batteries this week to some of the best physics labs in the US!

To get your custom lithium battery made, visit our custom battery form webpage here.


"The charger is awesome. The batteries are performing great and the scooter has extraordinary power. I couldn't be more happier. It was well worth the cost."

-Tyler C.

Glad to continue supporting our US Navy this week with some of our great NMC Batteries.

Don't forget as a US company we offer discounts to all active/veteran military members.


Glad to continue supporting our US Navy this week with some of our great NMC Batteries. Don't forget as a US company we offer discounts to all active/veteran military members.


Happy to continue to ship to our industrial partners in Mexico. As a California based company, we regularly ship to Mexico and can get you high quality lithium batteries backed by US Warranty!


Excited to ship out some of our powerful NMC batteries to Aerospace NASA site.


Aegis Battery Mobility Kits now available. See a short video of what it includes here.


Glad to meet and be working with Smartville and their sustainable energy storage solutions.

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Contact our team if you have any questions at

You may also view our Youtube Channel for more visuals on how to use Aegis Products properly.

Check out a quick demo video on how to upgrade your mobility scooter battery with our more powerful, faster charging and longer lasting lithium batteries!



It was great to meet and provide some of our high end NMC batteries to Dingo Moto. Check out their unique and fun ebikes here.

Aegis Battery is proud to sponsor and power their prototype EV for Florida International University (FIU) Eco-Engineering club competing in the Shell Eco-Marathon 2023. Best of luck!


Checkout a short vid on one of our techs doing battery tests for AB here.



Special thanks to TSI Power for being a great customer. We look forward to providing more top grade LiFePO4 batteries for you in the near future!

It was a beautiful day at the Caltrans Innovation Fair today! Looking forward to getting together again soon!


"Your battery has powered me to win multiple tournaments as well as make a pretty big splash in my first year fishing for the Rhode Island Rebels in the KFL (Kayak Fishing League.)"

- Neal R.


We at Aegis Battery love to hear when our customers win! So glad we could help power Neal to victory with our 24V 40Ah NMC battery. May you continue to win more tournaments in 2023!

Happy Friday!

Did you know that AEGIS has been manufacturing & supplying CALTRANS USA with Aegis Batteries for over a year and a half now? Our batteries have a significant role in testing California Highway Emergency Light Technology & More!


"Thanks.... this is my g90 as we speak in the field with my new Aegis battery, wonderful unit. I’m on a mountain peak with back pack ."

- Jack M.

AUGUST 05, 2020

It was a pleasure meeting with Gustavo and Adrian from the Octopy Team This Lovely Monday Morning! We look forward to working with these intelligent Gentlemen and the rest of the Octopy Team. As well as establishing the long-term collaboration in which Aegis Battery will provide Octopy with Custom Li-Ion Batteries for their Robotic Products!

AUGUST 22, 2022

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