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Lead vs NMC vs LFP


Lead acid batteries are heavy, weak and toxic! Containing lead and sulfuric acid that can leak and not only pollute your environment but damage your equipment. Plus overcharging or excessive pressure can rupture lead acid batteries, leading to dangerous chemical fires and explosions.


Lithium NMC or (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) batteries are light weight and up to 3x powerful. NMC batteries pack a punch delivering consistent high power to high draw equipment over 1000+ cycles and backed by our 5 year factory warranty.



LFP or (Lithium Iron Phosphate) offers great performance with great longevity and safety. Lasting over 3000+ cycles and extraordinary safe chemistry, LFP is a great choice for energy storage and sensitive electronics. Backed by our 10 year factory warranty, this is a replace and no worries battery!


Click below to see our detailed (Lead vs NMC vs LFP) comparison chart:

* Detailed Comparison Chart *