Aegis Battery offers excellent warranty on all our batteries. Only batteries and accessories purchased directly from Aegis Battery or authorized resellers are covered by our warranty policy. 

Aegis Battery warranty is only valid on purchases within USA and only on purchases directly from Aegis Battery. For outside USA, please contact us directly prior to purchase. Aegis reserves the right to modify and update the warranty of which will be added to this webpage.

Please read the full terms and conditions below: 

Coverage Period:

NMC Batteries = 2 years from date of purchase

LFP Batteries = 3 years from date of purchase

Chargers = 1 year from date of purchase

Exclusions and Limitations:

Not covered under warranty:

-Products that are damaged or modified. (This includes any cable or adapter modifications not provided by Aegis Battery)

-Products operated beyond specifications and manual instructions.

-Products that are disassembled.

-Products purchased from third-party or unauthorized seller.

-Products cleaned with harmful substances.

-Products damaged from outside sources.

-Products misused or used in extreme environments.

-Products with non-quality issues.

-Products used with wrong chargers or wrong configurations.

-Products without valid proof of purchase.

-Products damaged by or modified with third party equipment, adapters, cables.

-Products charged / discharged beyond manual specifications.

-Products not used within safety guidelines found in manual. 

Returns / Exchange

Please see our Returns and Exchange Policy page here.

B-Stock / Clearance Items:

Products marked as B-stock or clearance are products that are either new, refurbished, renewed, or discounted. Please note, these batteries are fully tested before sending out but only carry a limited 30 day warranty. All sales are final with only exchanges offered for faulty products.