$9.99 USD

Aegis Battery & Charger Connector

This connector is easy to use, by plugging it in to the same connection as itself. The Anderson SB50 does not have a female or male correspondent. Therefore, you may plug this Anderson SB50 directly into an additional Anderson SB50. 

Anderson Powerpole SB50

  • 1 PCS/ SB50 Housing (Grey)
  • 2 Contact Pins
  • Housing Dimensions: L 1.875" x W 1.375" x H 1.5 - 5/8"
  • Rated Voltage 600V; Rated Current  50A
  • Compatible with 10AWG wire


It is suitable for electric vehicle, UPS communication power supply, electric machine, electric forklift, the power equipment, etc.

Item is limited. Please contact us to be sure this item is in stock.


*Please note: Aegis is not liable for any short circuit issues or any additional issues caused by customer error. Be sure to double check that you are connecting the negative and positive wires correctly.

Should you have any questions, you may email us at contact@aegisbattery.com