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Enjoy your RV & Solar Storage worry free with Aegis 10 year USA Warranty!

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Aegis Battery is here to help you with your RV and Solar storage needs. Our batteries are built to last longer and offer higher performance then not just lead acid batteries but also compared to other cheap LiFePO4 RV batteries. Our LiFePO4 batteries replace old lead acid battery technology and come in several volt and amp hour models.


We have 12V - 48V lithium deep cycle batteries to provide you the exact battery for your RV, Motorhome and Solar Storage. Our 10 Year USA Warranty and service is also one of the longest in the business and can provide you years of power to enjoy the great outdoors!


For your RV / EV / UVA vehicles, Aegis Battery carries a wide selection of both NMC & LFP Chemistry 12V - 72V. 

Power to Keep You Connected

Select between 35Ah, 45Ah, 55Ah, 75Ah, 100Ah, 125Ah models. Our vast assortment of battery models ensures you will have the power you need to keep connected and enjoying during your travels and adventures.

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See all a short video on our RB and Motorhome Batteries. If you need help selecting the right battery or have questions about Lead acid replacement battery upgrades for your Rv or Motorhome Call us today! Our Battery Experts can answer any questions you have and can also help guide in the installation process.

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Solar Storage

Increasing your storage ability is easy by simply connecting our batteries as your need for expansion grows. 

These batteries are superior compared to lead acid batteries because of

(1) High energy capacity

(2) Long cycle life

(3) Compact size

(4) Light weight

(5) Superior thermal and chemical stability

(6) Enhanced safety

(7) Improved cost performance

(8) Enhanced charge and discharge rates

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The Aegis Battery Solar 12V 20Ah LiFePO4 Battery is a state of the art 12V 20Ah rechargeable battery pack with high power, excellent safety performance, low self-discharge rate, and lightweight. It is perfect for solar applications, such as remote surveillance cameras with solar power or solar powered control boxes. 


The battery box is IP65 Water-Resistant and comes with mounting brackets and sealed screw connections for your solar panel and device making it a great solution for remote installations where water resistance might be an issue for other batteries. 

RV & Solar Storage Batteries