Below are some special / shipping / usage notes and warnings for our lithium batteries.

Special Notes:

In order to ensure our battery will meet your application's requirements and a better user experience, please reach out to our customer service team before purchasing our batteries and provide the following information:

  • What is your application?
    (i.e Ebike, Golf Cart, Mobility Scooter, Boat, Radio, Etc)

  • What is your required Voltage (V) and Amp (A)?

  • What is max load power (Max Watt)?
    (i.e.The Wattage of your applications motor) 

  • What is your needed capacity (Amp Hour - Ah)?

  • What lithium chemistry (NMC or LFP)?

  • What connection (PP45, XLR, Ring Terminals, Etc)?

For more demanding applications, you may need to have a more powerful custom battery made for you.

Shipping Notes:

    1. Regarding 300+ Watt Hour (Wh) Batteries:
      (Watt Hour = Voltage (V) x Amp Hour (Ah))

      When batteries are 300Wh or above, it is considered a Hazardous Material. Therefore you may notice the shipping cost is higher compared to a general item (e.g. a charger or adapter). UPS, FedEx and USPS couriers charge additional shipping fees for Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods.

    2. International Orders Shipping: are subject to additional charges requested by the International Customs Department. Aegis DOES NOT collect this from you. These International Taxes, Duties and Fees will be collected by customs once your order has arrived in your country.

    Usage Warnings:

    • Do not use other generic chargers with our batteries.
      Only use the correct corresponding voltage lithium battery charger with your lithium battery. Other chargers (i.e. lead, generic charger) will not work and can damage your battery.
      (i.e. 12V NMC Lithium Battery -> 12V NMC Lithium Battery Charger)

      • NMC - Lithium Chargers
      • LFP (LiFePO4) Lithium Chargers

    • If the battery was under heavy load and completely drained, it is recommended waiting 30-60 min to start charging to allow the battery temperatures to normalize. 
    • Do not modify the battery in any way, as this will void your warranty.
    • Do not submerge under water or under high pressure.
    • Do not use in environments and temperatures beyond product specifications.


    • For more information and FAQ, please click here.