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Powerful Eco-Friendly Drive

Select from a full line of Power Options: 12V - 48V


From your personal golf carts to club car fleets, upgrade the battery to ensure you have the power and performance you need. Our LFP batteries offer high capacity and high performance. You can depend on us with 3000+ recharge cycles and backed by our 10 year USA warranty, you have nothing to worry about! Feel good about eco-friendly drive but without sacrificing power.

All Day Performance

Make sure you and your guests can go the full course at top performance. At half the weight and ranging from 12V-48V to 25Ah-100Ah+, Aegis Battery has the power and capacity to run all day.  

Our 10 year Factory Warranty is also one of the best in the industry!


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Kit Items

The Aegis Battery 48V 105Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) Battery is a state of the art rechargeable battery pack made with Lithium Iron Phosphate cells designed for 48V motors and includes a reducer for 12V devices. This is not just the battery, but an entire upgrade kit included to convert your lead acid batteries to lithium powered golf cart. 


Note: This product can be custom tailored to your golf cart specifications with different voltage and capacity. Lead time is 4-8 weeks. For a custom quote, please use the my custom battery form or you can email us at

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Golf Cart

Don't hesitate to upgrade from Lead Acid Batteries to Aegis Li-ion Batteries for your Golf Cart!


Aegis Lithium Batteries will equip your vehicle with 


  • High Quality Performance 
  • Outstanding Longevity
  • Easy Application


Thus, Improving the speed of your Golf Cart with a more powerful and impressive lightweight battery! AEGIS LI-ION BATTERIES are 30% percent lighter than the traditional lead-acid batteries.

This weight difference contributes by reducing the energy that your golf cart typically uses to "speed up", so that the battery could last for a longer period of time.


Our batteries are equiped with a BMS system, providing an additional layer of protection for your battery to help prevent overcharging. Our BMS system has a designated cut-off voltage in place for each of our batteries. 


Typical products are listed below. For additional product options, please refer to our Brochure.

Golf Cart Batteries