Thank you TSI Power for being a great customer. Look forward providing more top grade LiFePO4 batteries!


"Your battery has powered me to win multiple tournaments as well as make a pretty big splash in my first year fishing for the Rhode Island Rebels in the KFL (Kayak Fishing League.)"
- Neal R.
We at Aegis Battery love to hear when our customers win!
So glad we could help power you to victory with our 24V 40Ah NMC battery. May you continue to win more tournaments in 2023!   




It was a beautiful day at the Caltrans Innovation Fair today! Looking forward to getting together again soon! 



Happy Friday!

Did you know that AEGIS has been manufacturing & supplying CALTRANS USA with Aegis Batteries for over a year and a half now? Our batteries have a significant role in testing California Highway Emergency Light Technology & More! 



It was a pleasure meeting with Gustavo and Adrian from the Octopy Team This Lovely Monday Morning!
We look forward to working with these intelligent Gentlemen and the rest of the Octopy Team. As well as establishing the long-term collaboration in which Aegis Battery will provide Octopy with Custom Li-Ion Batteries for their Robotic Products!


"Thanks.... this is my g90 as we speak in the field with my new Aegis battery, wonderful unit. I’m on a mountain peak with back pack ."

- Jack M.


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With E-normous Gratitude,